Services Provided

Project Management

Acute issues crowding out important ones?  In organizations, long-term projects often languish on the side while urgent matters get all the attention. Sage Resource Strategies provides project management support to enable your organization to keep your vital projects moving forward as you attend to urgent matters.  This service can include implementation of the work itself.


Meeting Facilitation

Strategic discussions going around in circles?  Meetings yielding more questions than decisions? An experienced outside facilitator can provide guidance and structure to break out of counterproductive behavior patterns.


Financial Modeling

Not quite sure how the numbers look?  Short of predicting the future, financial modeling supports business decision-making processes by providing a way to explore the impact of different actions.  Experiment with various assumptions to learn how they impact the bottom line.


Strategic Planning

Wondering how to get where you want to be?  Make the connection between your vision, desired results, and the activities that expend your resources day to day.  Articulate your theory of change, build a logic model, and use a management dashboard to convert your resources into the impact you want to see in the world.


Synthesis and Writing

Ideas refusing to align themselves into a final product?  Sage Resource Strategies helps gather the thoughts stuck in your head and in the minds of your team members, organizes them, and generates a coherent and compelling document to meet your reporting or communications needs.